Church Plant Training Intensive

The Church Plant Training Intensive is for the purpose of preparing church planters, their teams and their oversight. The training intensive focuses on the creation of a strategic plan for a successful beginning by mapping out its methodology, component parts, timeline, and benchmarks. The planter and his/her team members will be given the tools, not only for implementing these components of starting a new church, but also for training future team members in the work of starting new ministries within the church. The time together will include teaching, interaction, discussion, and outlining your church’s ministry plan.


Topics will include theological/Biblical foundations for Anglican planting, missional strategies, practical steps in reaching your community, organizational/logistical issues, financial issues such as fundraising and budgeting, polity and church planting, strategies for personal/marital health, communication strategies, etc. Spouses are included in the fee for the planter and we strongly recommend spouse attendance. 


This training is hands-on while we are in person together. Additional training components are available to create a more comprehensive training experience. We offer pre-training videos which participants should watch in preparation for the Training Intensive. There is homework with the videos which will make our time together at the Intensive all the more fruitful and productive. 


We also offer an option for continued training and coaching following the in-person Training Intensive. Following the week Intensive, we will continue the work of preparing for a new church by meeting online in cohorts with a coach/trainer. The cohorts will make certain that what was started at the Intensive is actually finished and ready for the work of planting a church. 


Presenters include The Rev. Canon Dr. Dan Alger, Canon for Church Planting of the ACNA; Molly Ruch, Director - Always-Forward Institute for Church Planting; and other church plant practitioners.



Host Church: Church of the Redeemer in Greensboro North Carolina

Where: 5572 Garden Village Way, Greensboro, NC 27410

When: January 30 - February 2 2023


     Monday registration opens at 2:00 pm with a 2:30 pm start

     Tuesday-Wednesday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm with lunch included

     Thursday  9:00 am - 12 noon


      Recommended Hotels Coming Soon!

      If you're coming with a team, consider sharing an Airbnb to maximize your experience!


Don't hesitate to reach out to Abbi via [email protected]


Who do I register as?

It takes a village to plant a church and we want to be sure to have everyone who can be in the room for this valuable training!

Please select "Planter / Lay Leader" if you have already gone through Church Planter Assessment or are a lay-led plant.

Please select "Spouse" if you're married to the one registering as Planter or Lay Leader.

Please select "Additional Team Member" if you are coming with your Planter or Lay Leader.

* Please register one person at a time. You will be able to add a spouse or any additional individuals to be included in your payment.

  • If attending training with spouse

  • Opt me in for the training plus 6 cohort coaching sessions post-training

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Emergency Contact

Paying by check?

Please contact [email protected] for a code to register if paying by check.


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